The Yoga Room of Hampshire

Embodied Peace


Quotes It's been a long time since I really took time for myself. These classes are my release. I feel better already mentally and physically. Thank You! Quotes
Sue Speakes

Quotes Such a great class on Saturday, loved it and boy are my glutes sore!! I did some of the poses again this morning...thank you all! Quotes
The Yoga Room Workshop

Quotes I appreciate all the guidance in class, I always feel as if you both really care how each student is doing and encourag them a little further each time. Thank you for bring this to us. Quotes

Quotes If you're thinking about taking yoga, this place is fantastic. The teachers are friendly and highly qualified, know their students, and take a special interest in everyone's needs. I love going to yoga class and am so happy to have a place like this! Quotes

Quotes I've been a patient of chiropractic for a long time and find this yoga class an excellent way to supplement my chiropractic treatment. It keeps me limber and flexible. Thanks. Quotes
Satisfied grandma

Quotes Yoga was a lifesaver for me. Come find out what all the fuss is about! Quotes
Tammy Ranallo
Yoga & Rehab