The Yoga Room of Hampshire

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We offer a variety of yoga classes FOR MULTIPLE LEVELS. Class runs from 60 to 50 minutes depending on the class. Please arrive a minimum of 5 minutes prior to the start of each class to sign-in and set out your mat. New students, please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class start to complete new student paperwork. Late arrival may result in class not concluding on time. No cell phones allowed in the practice room. Below are the various classes we offer:  

Restorative Yoga: This class focuses on increasing flexibility, relaxation, and reducing stress and tension in the body. Deep and intensive stretching is involved. Great for those who have excessive muscle tension. Suggested for beginners and those with goals of increased flexibility/mobility and stress/anxiety reduction. This is a 60 minute class. Monday & Thursday @ 7pm. 

Beginner Power Yoga: Engage in flowing from pose to pose. Great for those new to yoga as class includes special instruction on form and positioning. The ideal morning workout for the mind, body and soul. Appropriate for all levels. Saturday @ 9:15am (a 50 minute class).

BARRE + Pilates incorporates the pilates ring, ball, weights and chair and ballet bar for a full body workout. Great for toning and strengthening the lower body, specifically the hips and sculpt the abs. Low impacts and gentle on joints. Class is 60 minutes. Tuesday @ 7:00pm and Saturday @ 8:15am (50 minute class)

Gentle Flow is gentle yet constant movement from pose to pose to increase circulation and improve balance. Awakens the body through mindful and deliberate movement, making it beneficial for joints. Conclude with floor work and deep relaxation. Appropriate for all levels. A 60 minute class. Wednesday @ 9:15am.


The Yoga Room offers a unique program for businesses, organizations, clubs and churches called Mobile Yoga. Mobile Yoga brings yoga class to your place of work, club or organization to promote health, wellness, relaxation and physical fitness. 

Our classes are ideal for all levels and we offer a variety of options and pricing to fit everyone’s schedule and budget. We offer 4 to 12 week class packages and individual health and wellness Workshops.

Each organization arranges the schedule, participants, and in-house advertising and promotion as well as provides a safe, clean and spacious environment to conduct classes. Each organization and/or participant must provide their own mat, blocks and straps. Discounts provided for not for profit organizations, schools and public service agencies.

You will save precious time participating in a wellness program at your place of work or club, while improving your circulation, energy levels and reducing tension and stress. Make your group as healthy as they can be, and sign up for a package or workshop today!