The Yoga Room of Hampshire

Embodied Peace


Rest, Reconnect 


A Transformative Meditation and Yoga Retreat 

Weekend Immersion

Friday to Sunday, November 3, 4, & 5, 2017

Join us at a beautiful Lake Geneva oasis, the world renowned Resort and Spa, The Abbey, located in Fontana, Wisconsin.

Are you someone who has worked hard all your life, done the right things, and even have a spiritual connection to your higher power, but when it comes to your every day life, you still struggle with society’s expectations, the pace of life, or sharing your gifts and talents? Do you feel you mask a part of yourself to the world, feel the anxiety and pressure of conforming to who you are not, or feel it isn’t possible to make your dreams come true? Do the demands of your family put you into overwhelm and exhaustion?


Hi, my name is Elizabeth Berent, and I have worked around the world as an international teacher, coach and healer. My work has touched thousands of people throughout the last 20 years, and it is my joy to introduce a rare opportunity to work with  me in this exclusive small group setting. Partnering with creative genius Jamie Riley, we will support and guide you through the weekend to find the peace and ease you so deserve. 

Elizabeth has worked around the world, has two  master degrees (public health and international development. Her focus has been on positive behavior change. She is a certified yoga teacher with expertise in restorative/therapeutic models and a light healer. She masterfully weaves her elevated consciousness, intuitive approach, years of yogic training, academic education, and expertise in breath therapy into the most effective healing modalities into her workshops. She guides  people to experience a powerful liberation from physical, emotional and spiritual pain to clear old karmic patterns that are manifesting as blocks (lack, worry, fear or health issues), draining energy and dissociating one from the self. 

Many people have said that her sessions are like no other healing they have experienced. She incorporates restorative yoga with spiritual breathing. It is powerful, incredibly efficient and quick in its ability to break through stagnant patterns.  Yet, even though the work comes with a powerful force of light, it also offers an astounding depth of clarity, insight and tenderness. 

If you are open to a whole new level of success and deep fulfillment in your life, then read this entire invitation!

With all the endless tasks and responsibilities on your plate, do you often end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, or feeling STUCK in an old routine that does not feel good to you any longer?

Parties, occasional workshops and vacations don't quite RECHARGE you either. They help only temporarily.  You know that a deeper fulfillment and living your full potential begins inside.

Have you ever wondered why does it have to be so hard? Why can't great opportunities, abundance and good things in life just come to you more EFFORTLESSLY?


Are you tired of it?

Exceptional Value Guarantee 

We are offering this guarantee so you feel completely safe to move forward, dive in, and make sure this weekend is exactly what you need in your life. If after the event, you don't feel this was absolutely amazing, deeply healing and empowering, you have 5 days after completing the workshop to ask for your money back. Even though no one has ever left unfulfilled or asked for a refund, we want YOU to rest assured that this workshop will be a positive event in your life or your money back. Cost for meals and accommodation are not refundable. 

Liz’s experiences instantly change people's lives. Her clients come from all over to receive a deep emotional and physical healing, and embody courage to be fully seen and live their soul purpose.

Yet, many of the greatest lessons and awakenings came thanks to Liz’s personal journey, which was not always easy. Liz got a chance to move through the times of deep depression, dark nights of the soul, and heartbreaking losses in her pregnancies - that's where she learned more than ever before about the power of self-love, oneness, and the true meaning of healing and connection.


Get incredibly comfortable in your own skin

Shed that ever-nagging discomfort in your body. Feel so good about yourself that your radiant confidence becomes a great inspiration to others. Especially if you are a coach, teacher, artist or in a leadership position, you definitely want to cultivate that!

Have more time to yourself to focus on what you love

Create a life where you have much more time to do things you REALLY love to do. Even if it's just more rest and long hot baths. Or long walks in nature and more time with your family. Whatever it is, create a lifestyle where YOU can choose to do what YOU love to do.

Heal the old self-sabotaging patterns

Don't let them keep you away from living a healthy and fulfilling life.

Connect with your clear inner knowing

There is nothing more satisfying than the ease and confidence that comes from knowing how to tap into your clear inner guidance. Knowing what are the right words to speak and which ones are the right actions to take. 


Let go of the still-hurting wounds from relationships 

These could be conflicts from your past romantic partners or challenges with your family. If you don't learn to fully heal, let go and forgive, they keep haunting you and stand in the way of feeling empowered and worthy to live your bigger purpose. Just imagine how much joy and ease it will bring to your life when you fully let go of the past.


Learn to have deep inner peace even in the midst of chaos

So, when your beloved or family member is in stress, it does not have to pull you down. There is nothing more important than learning to cultivate deep inner peace that can be sustained even in difficult circumstances.

Doing personal transformational work in a group is one of the most powerful processes you will ever experience.


Because, in addition to being guided and supported by masterful facilitators, you will receive potent support and reflection from other participants.

They will become your mirrors, revealing things about yourself that you have not seen before. They will offer encouragement, kindness and insight that will make you feel held and supported on a dynamic new level.

Some people have said they have never felt so deeply supported in their whole lives, but once they got a glimpse of the support at the workshop, they knew how to create it in their every day life.

I honestly don’t know what is more important than learning to let go of those limiting patterns that are constricting your life. Shed the constricting habits that don't let you feel fully alive and free to rejoice in your innermost magnificence.


You don’t have to hide or make yourself small any longer.

You don’t have to compromise your truth just to please somebody else!

Learn to open that deep wise place inside that knows exactly
how to lead you towards everything you want in your life.

Learn to pull your attention away from fear and turn it towards your Soul's Whisper, the divine essence that wants only the very best for you.

It can open doorways that you did not even know existed!

You simply have to learn to listen to it. 

ARRIVAL Friday November 3rd (Arrival between 4pm and 7pm)
DEPARTURE Sun November 5th at 1pm

On Friday, November 3, we begin with a gentle hike to connect with the land and prepare for the workshop at 4:00pm. If you cannot arrive in time for the walk our group will gather at 7pm on Friday. For late arrival, please contact Liz at [email protected].


  • Rejuvenate at one of the most beautiful retreat centers in the Midwest: The Abbey (insert pictures).
  • Relax at this amazing resort and renowned spa amongst the fall colors and enjoy  its 90 acres of tranquil beauty.
  • Meditate on the shores of Lake Geneva every day! (It's right there on our workshop property.)
  • Get deep rest in the luxurious and comfortable accommodations.
  • Cleanse your body with healthy and highly nutritious meals.
  • Experience a personal photo shoot with world renowned spiritual photographer and have visual representation of your change. 
  • Enjoy free and easy movement, releasing the body of tension and pain in morning and evening yoga sessions.
  • Deeply Reconnect with the self through multiple guided spiritual meditations and spiritual breathing sessions. 

Begin with making the decision to claim a new possibility for your life

and join us.

It is not just any weekend. It is a life-changing transformational immersion in one of the Midwest’s most beautiful venues, with a group of powerful men and women doing deep and sacred inner work.

If you are on this page reading these words right now, it is because you know it is possible.

You want it.

You are ready.

You have done enough waiting.

You know that your time is NOW.

You are ready to let go of that heaviness, exhaustion and struggle in your life.


You are ready to enjoy deep peace in your mind, give time to yourself, feel really good in your body and bring your Gifts to the world with ease.

To Register:

Early Bird Registration before September 28, 2017 is $449* (Includes retreat and meals). Registration after September 28 is $650*. Non refundable deposit of $150 is due at time of registration.  Please complete the accompanying registration form. Payment accepted online online at or by calling Liz (847)331-8305 or Jamie (262) 203-0936 .

*Retreat cost does not include accommodations. We have arranged for discounted room rates on a limited basis. To reserve your room please call (800) 709-1323, and Press #2. Please book your room before October 2nd and reference code      

#1172W1 or the RRR Retreat when booking. A limited number of rooms are available at the discounted rate. Please make reservations as soon as you register for the retreat to ensure this special rate. *Discounted reservations are not able to be made online.

The Abbey will further provide all attendees of the Retreat 20% off all Spa Services at Avani Spa. It is advisable to book your spa service in advance. The workshop agenda and times will be provided a month prior to the retreat.


Doing 5 sessions in a row is important because:


Learn to maintain and sustain the blissful breakthrough you had during your first Breath of Love session. Or, if you didn’t have one you’ll be able to experience it in this 5 week series.

Breath of Love empowerment work is a layer by layer process. Every new session takes you deeper. (There are subconscious habits you won’t be able to access right away. It takes time to work through the most ingrained habits that cause stress in your life.)

Repetition creates new neuropathways and allows new habits to be anchored in your nervous system on a deeper level.

Five sessions will allow you to have an in-depth understanding of the work so you can eventually use it to access inner peace and clarity on your own (and know how to do it with ease). What an incredible skill to have for the rest of your life!


Saturday, September 16 - 1pm to 4pm

Saturday, September 23 - 1pm to 4pm

Saturday, September 30 - 1pm to 4pm

Saturday, October 7 - 1pm to 4pm

Saturday, October 14 - 1pm to 4pm

Cost: $829 for all 5 Semi-Private Sessions or $200 for an individual session. Registration deadline is September 9th or prior if filled. Only open to 5 individuals.

BONUS: Receive 5 recorded meditations for continued practice.

BREATH OF LOVE WORKSHOP: Liz Berent studied under internationally renowned teacher and healer Julia Mikk, the founder of Breath of Love. She will guide you through an experiential workshop that includes a full breath work session, using Breath of Love Modality. Release emotional and physical blocks not serving your highest and best good. Experience profound freedom from self imposed expectations, physical heaviness and connection to your authentic self. Let go overwhelm, anxiety, grief - coming home to a place of great peace. Ultimately, experience a profound sense of freedom and empowerment, integrating this into your life with ease! 

No Workshop Currently Scheduled

Small Group and Individual Session Available

Workshop Cost & Registration:  Cost is $85 per person per workshop. Membership prices also available and requires payment for the entire series. Space is strictly limited. Secure space by submitting payment to The Yoga Room of Hampshire (Cash, Check or PayPal). After payment is received, a follow up email will be sent with confirmation and workshop preparation instructions. For questions call 847-331-8305. 

The Art of Relaxation - RESTORATIVE YOGA WORKSHOPLead by studio owner Liz Berent, who is certified in Restorative Yoga. A two hour workshop that teaches you to both position and melt into various poses using multiple props to put you into a place of deep relaxation and peace. Very little movement involved and is simply about allowing gravity and the earth to hold you. Excellent for those wanting to gently release tension in the body and quiet the mind. No prior yoga experience needed. This workshop quickly fills so sign up today!

No Workshops Currently Scheduled

Workshop Cost & RegistrationCost is $65 per person per workshop. Only 10 spaces available. Membership prices also available and requires payment for the entire series. Secure space by submitting payment to The Yoga Room of Hampshire (Cash, Check or PayPal). After payment is received you will be sent an email confirmation for the date of your workshop. For questions call 847-331-8305.

Previous Workshops

Beginner Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) YOGA Workshop 

Experiencing Essential Oils Happy HourEnjoy a glass of wine or tea as you experience and learn about essential oils. Essential oils enhance our health, wellness and improve the quality of our lives. They can help with eczema, seasonal allergies, congestion, cold, muscles aches and pains, infections and much more. Attend and become knowledgable about how oils are used and how they can benefit you. Sample and experience various oils. 

DeStress with the Breath: Pranayama Workshop: A prefect way to stay centered, grounded, and energized for the holidays. Explore the breath and how it regulates the sensory and nervous systems, mood, & energy levels. Learn and practice multiple breathing techniques to achieve various effects. Conclude with a guided mediations. Some benefits of a Pranayama practice include: deep relaxation to the body and mind; relieves stress , depression and hypertension; strengthens the nervous and respiratory systems; improves function of digestive organs; aids in combating asthma, diabetes, and chronic bronchitis. 

Introduction to Tai Chi & Qigong: Faciliated by certified Tai Chi instructor Charlene Abdulla. Engage in a powerful routine designed by ancient Chinese to move and store energy "Chi". A powerful experience in which you will feel reenergized. Great for seniors. Appropriate for all levels.

Lower Back and Joint Disorder Workshop